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Guide to Get Free Maryam Nawaz Solar Panels by CNIC: Roshan Gharana Program 2024

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The CM Punjab Solar Scheme program, also known as Roshan Gharana Program, was launched in 2024 by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan, to encourage the use of clean, renewable sun electricity in the province. The program aims to make solar electricity accessible and affordable for households and corporations with lower power consumption.

Key Features of the CM Punjab Solar Scheme Program

Subsidised Sun Panels in Punjab

• Eligible for consumers using 300 or fewer units per month.

• Low-cost solar panels available on an installment basis.

• Aims to reduce electricity payments and promote environmental conservation.

• Part of Punjab government’s efforts to promote renewable electricity use.

Benefits of the Roshan Gharana Program

The Roshan Gharana or solar scheme program offers several benefits for households and businesses in Punjab:

CM Punjab Solar Scheme Program

• Reduces Electricity Costs: Reduces reliance on grid and monthly energy payments.

• Provides Reliable Power Supply: Provides uninterrupted electricity during common electricity cuts.

• Contributes to Environmental Conservation: Reduces carbon footprint and contributes to cleaner environment.

• Boosts Allied Businesses: Increased demand for solar panels, batteries, wiring, and other additives benefits associated agencies and creates jobs.

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Solar Energy Potential in Punjab

Punjab, with 230-300 sunny days per year, is ideal for solar electricity production. As of 2024, the province has a solar capacity of 1118 MW and generated over 6,034 million devices in the previous year, the highest in the northern region.

The government is actively promoting solar energy, with several organizations investing over Rs 1300 crore in projects and Rs 1,700 crore in the pipeline.

Subsidies and Incentives

Government Subsidies for Rooftop Sun Structures

• 1-2 kW systems: Rs. 30,000 per kW.

• 3 kW systems: Rs. 30,000 per kW for first 2 kW, Rs. 18,000 for 3rd kW.

• Above 3 kW: Rs. 78,000 fixed subsidy.

How to Apply for the Solar Scheme Program

CM Punjab Solar Scheme Program Application Process

• Visit official website and fill out application form.

• Provide ID proof, latest electricity bill, and rooftop photos.

• Select solar panel capacity and installment plan based on eligibility.

• Receive approvals and complete vendor agreement.

• Schedule solar panel installation at home.

Eligibility Criteria

• Residential or agricultural consumers in Punjab.

• Monthly electricity consumption of 300 units or less.

• Adequate rooftop space or land for panel installation.

• No pending electricity bills or dues.

Empowering Farmers and Agriculture

The Punjab government is offering subsidies to farmers to install solar-powered tube wells and pumps for irrigation in agricultural areas. The aim is to reduce reliance on expensive diesel and lower input costs.

The government plans to solarise all agricultural tube wells in a phased manner, providing a reliable and affordable irrigation power supply even in remote areas.

Opportunities for Solar Businesses

CM Punjab Solar Scheme Program Opportunities

• Opens business opportunities for solar companies, manufacturers, and installers.

• Targets over 1.6 lakh MSMEs and a large residential consumer base.

• Key market segments: Residential Consumers, Agricultural Sector, Commercial & Industrial Sector, Government & Institutional Buildings, and Solar Parks & Open Access.

• Opportunities include less costly solutions, smooth financing, and excellent renovation offerings.

• Partnerships with banks, MFIs, and agri-lending institutions can expand customer base.

Who Can Apply for Punjab Solar Scheme

CM Punjab Solar Scheme Program Eligibility Criteria for 2024

• Residential consumers with monthly power consumption of 300 gadgets or less.

• Agricultural clients seeking solaris for tube wells and irrigation pumps.

• Commercial establishments, industries, institutions, schools, colleges, hospitals, government buildings with sanctioned load greater than 1.25 kW.

• Residential complexes, sheds, and cold stores in Punjab.

• Eligibility criteria include being a resident of Punjab, monthly electricity consumption of 300 units or less, adequate rooftop space or land for solar panels, and no pending electricity bills or dues.

• Government institutions, including PSUs, may receive achievement-linked incentives.


CM Punjab Solar Scheme Program Overview

• A game-changer for selling clean power in Punjab.

• Provides subsidies and easy installment options for solar panels.

• Aims to attract households, farmers, and organizations.

• Lowers energy costs, ensures reliable power delivery, creates jobs, increases economic activity, and contributes to environmental sustainability.

• Aligns with Punjab’s vision to increase renewable power and reduce fossil fuel dependence.

• Provides opportunities for solar companies to develop and innovate.

• Aims to become a leading player in solar power with the right policies, financing solutions, and generation.

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