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Khan Sir Biography

Khan Sir Biography: Everything You need to know

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Khan Sir is an immensely popular figure in India today, particularly among students and government job aspirants. His widespread appeal is hardly surprising given his significant influence and reach. If you’re a student chances are you’ve come across Khan Sir or heard of him. His popularity continues to soar with each passing day.

Operating the renowned YouTube channel “Khan GS Research Center,” he boasts an impressive subscriber base of approximately 8 million. What sets him apart is his unique teaching style, which resonates deeply with millions of viewers, contributing to his staggering online following.

Khan Sir Biography Overview

Real Name Khan SirFaisal Khan
Known asKhan Sir
Date of birth1992
Age (as of 2023)31 Years
YouTube Channel nameKhan GS Research Center

About Khan Sir

Khan Sir is the founder of the esteemed coaching institute, “Khan GS Research Center,” located in Patna. These institutes specialize in preparing students for various entrance examinations aimed at securing government jobs. They are widely recognized as the top institutions in Patna, particularly for exams like the UPSC, UPPCS, BPSC, and BSSC.

In April 2019, Khan Sir launched the “Khan GS Research Center” YouTube channel, which has since become instrumental in catapulting his fame across India. Within just one month of its inception, his channel gained an impressive 1 million new subscribers, a feat rarely matched by other educational channels.

What sets Khan Sir apart is his straightforward teaching style, making his videos and classes accessible to anyone seeking to grasp various subjects. Additionally, Khan covers a range of current affairs topics in his videos. He has established himself as a renowned educator not only in Patna but also across the state of Bihar.

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Khan Sir Family Details

Khan Sir, whose real name is Faisl Khan, was born in 1993 into a middle-class family in the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. His mother is a housewife, while his father worked as a contractor. Furthermore, Khan has an elder sibling who serves as an officer in the Indian Army. His grandfather’s name is Iqbal Ahmed Khan.

While Khan Sir is not married, media reports suggest that he is engaged.

Khan Sir Education Details

Khan Sir’s educational journey reflects a series of challenges and perseverance. He began his elementary studies at Parmar Mission School in Deoria Uttar Pradesh. Despite encountering setbacks including unsuccessful attempts at the Sainik School entrance exam and the Polytechnic exam, Khan Sir remained resilient in pursuing his academic goals.

He completed his 10th grade studies at an English medium school and his 12th grade studies at a Hindi medium school. Despite facing another setback when he overslept on the day of the AIEEE exam Khan Sir continued his educational pursuits.

Subsequently, he completed his graduation in science and pursued a Master of Science degree at the University of Allahabad UP. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in geography demonstrating his dedication to academic excellence despite the obstacles he encountered along the way.

Khan Sir Career

Khan Sir embarked on his teaching career by instructing a small group of six students in an institute. Recognized for his exceptional teaching abilities, he swiftly gained popularity, leading to an increase in class sizes from 40 to 50 students. Eventually, he transitioned to teaching classes with over 150 students.

Acknowledging his burgeoning popularity, Khan Sr revealed in an interview that the coaching institute’s owner expressed concerns about losing students should he depart. Undeterred, Khan Sr ventured into online education by launching his YouTube channel in 2019. He regularly shares educational videos covering various topics, with a particular emphasis on current events.

In 2020, he expanded his educational reach further by introducing his own app, “Khan Sr Official,” available on the Google Play Store. This move exemplifies his commitment to providing accessible and high-quality educational resources to a broader audience beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings.

Khan Sir Controversies

  • In April 2021, Khan Sr found himself embroiled in controversy due to a YouTube video where he discussed the increasing radicalization among certain groups, including sharing his views on Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Labbaik party. However, some individuals accused him of making comments about Islam, sparking a heated debate.
  • Another controversy arose regarding Khan Sir’s name, with claims surfacing that he was Hindu. To address this, Khan Sr publicly explained that some individuals mistakenly refer to him as “Amit” in the bank, which led to a viral video clarifying the misunderstanding.
  • In 2022, protests erupted over the cancellation of the Railway Recruitment Boards Non-Technical Popular Categories (RRB-NTPC) examination, with students in Bihar resorting to severe measures including setting hearth to trains and railway equipment. Khan Sr faced allegations of inciting these protests, leading to an FIR filed towards him based totally on statements recorded from protestors by the police.
  • December 2022 saw yet another controversy surrounding Khan Sr when he demonstrated in one of his educational videos how changing names, such as substituting “Abdul” for “Suresh,” could alter the meaning of a sentence. This demonstration led to widespread outrage and calls for his arrest by numerous leaders.
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